Pasting SPSS charts into iWork Pages

If you select a chart in SPSS, copy it, and then paste it into a Pages document, you’ll likely see a series of blank lines in place of the chart. This is due to SPSS copying the chart in multiple formats, one of which is “Plain Text”. Unfortunately, “Plain Text” is the format Pages elects to use when you paste the chart. SPSS Copy Special Dialog Box

To get around this problem, choose “Copy Special…” from the Edit menu in SPSS. A dialog box will appear, in which you can uncheck “Plain Text” and “Rich Text (RTF)” and check “Images”. Now when you paste the chart into Pages, the chart graphic should appear. To retain this behavior for subsequent uses of the “Copy” command, check “Save as default for this session”.

5 thoughts on “Pasting SPSS charts into iWork Pages

  1. I am running Pages v 5.2.2. This option doesn’t seem to be working for me. The option to paste is not available and remains greyed out. Any solutions?

  2. So I’m doing all of this but in Pages it’s not allowing me to paste at all. Any ideas? I clicked “copy special” made sure it was just “image” selected then when I go into pages, I can’t paste. HELP ASAP! LOL

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