Avoiding difficulty

American culture does not take well to the idea of difficulty. Our penchant is for one-step, one-stop solutions to problems, and we expect and demand in all areas of life, including reading, an ease of achievement that is antithetical to thought itself. —Helen Regueiro Elam

Source: “The Difficulty of Reading” in The Idea of Difficulty in Literature.

Love and loneliness

“I can love you because I want to feel less alone, or I can love you because I want you to feel less alone. But only the latter requires me to imagine a consciousness independent of my own, and equally real.” —Garth Risk Hallberg

Source: ‘Why Write Novels at All?’, The New York Times

Choosing who may judge you

“It was while I was at interview that I finally noticed that subjecting myself to the judgement of an institution which I fundamentally disagreed with was bizarre.” —Elly Nowell, commenting on the rejection letter she sent the University of Oxford

Source: Magdalen Oxford gets rejection letter from student, BBC News

Printing the elements of a vector one per line in R

You know how R prints the elements of a vector horizontally?

> 1:5
[1] 1 2 3 4 5

Today I needed the elements printed one per line. After a bit of searching and hair-pulling, I stumbled upon the cat command:

> cat(1:5,sep="\n")

This is particularly useful when you need a line-by-line list of the variables in a data frame, which you can get with:


To output the list directly to a file, use write instead of cat.